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Screed Method
Hot-Applied Reflective Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials.

Achievement of Maximum Reflectivity

Solid glass beads that are incorporated in Gamron BondLine road marking materials complies to required industrial standards and meet the specification for roundness, clarity, size gradation and refractive index.

Additional drop-on of solid glass beads on the road line surface is required to further enhance the retro-reflectivity. The solid glass beads shall be distributed at a rate of ± 450 g/m² and applied concurrently with the application of the line marking.

Technical Highlights:
Compliance BSEN 1436 : 2007 + A1 : 2008
Skid Resistance Value
≥ 45 BPN
Normal Thickness ± 2.00 mm
Heating Temperature 180°C - 220°C