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MistLine AWT
MistLine AWT
Spray Fusion Method
High Performance Reflective All Weather Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials.
Gamron MistLine All Weather Thermoplastic (AWT) road marking material is a durable thermoplastic intermixed with core Elements, consisted of a blend of microcrystalline ceramic beads and high-refractive index beads. It is applied using Spray Fusion Method.
MistLine All Weather Thermoplastic (AWT) provides high visibility in dry and wet conditions. It performs exceptionally well at night, especially during wet and raining conditions.


Technical Highlights:
BSEN 1436 : 2007 + A1 : 2008
Skid Resistance Value
≥ SRT 65
Luminance Factor on Dry Condition ≥ β 0.60
Retro-reflection on Dry Condition ≥ RL 300
Retro-reflection on Wet Condition ≥ RL 150
Retro-reflection on Rain Condition ≥ RL 150
Normal Thickness ± 1.70 mm
Heating Temperature 180°C - 220°C
Material Benefits:
  • High durability
  • High visibility
  • Fast drying time
  • Road safety guide
MistLine AWT Standard Colours: