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GR 120(H)
GR 120(H)
Screed Type Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine
This is a walk behind machine designed with hydraulic forward drive system powered by engine, and it is for climbing and long straight line marking. This model does not include reverse system. This machine is equipped with glass beads dispenser and laying shoe.
  • Basic set includes 4” laying shoe and 8” dispenser.
  • Optional: Complete set includes 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” laying shoes and 4”, 6”, 8”, 12” dispensers.

    Equipment Type

    Walk behind, automatic forward drive system

    Holding Tank Capacity

    40 Liter

    Heating System Bottle LPG and direct heating system
    Engine Diesel engine

    Hydraulic System

    With control hand valve and piston pump


    Hand stir type
    Optional: Upgrade to auto stir

    Glass Beads Dispenser

    Types of Size:
    - 8”  (200mm)
    - 12”   (300mm)

    Laying Shoes
    *Custom made size is available

    Types of Size:
    - 4”  (100mm)
    - 6”   (150mm)
    - 8”   (200mm)
    - 12” (300mm)

    Dimension (L x W x H)

    1,244mm x 1,168mm x 1,092mm


    Approximately 180kg

    Body Material

    Stainless steel


    Approximately 180kg
    Body Material Stainless steel


    Pilot beacon and spot light